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“My computer says my IP address is different.”

Please bear with us because this is a bit complicated. Due to a technology called NAT (Network Address Translation), it is common for a computer to have a "private" IP address as well as a "public" IP address.

This website always shows your "public" IP address, while your computer will usually show a "private" IP address.

Both are correct. They are two different things.

If you have multiple computers at your home or office, each of them will have a different private IP address, but they all probably share the same public IP address.

Your public IP address is usually managed by your ISP. Sometimes you can get it to change by power cycling your cable or DSL modem. If not, you'll have to call your ISP for help.

You can usually change a computer's private IP address if you want to. For help, consult the documentation for your operating system. Note that this would not affect your public IP.

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