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“How do you know my city and country?”

Some websites have access to large lists which contain all the IP addresses that exist, along with information about where each IP address is probably located.

When you visited this site, a server looked up your IP in such a list. Then the server created this webpage for you to view, and it included the location data it found in the list. The data might be accurate or it might not be; we just showed you what we found.

In many cases these kinds of IP lists do not personally identify anyone based on an IP address: rather, a general geographic location is as specific as they get. However, in other cases people can be personally identified based on an IP address.

Many websites make use of IP lists without obviously informing visitors that they are being used, or for what purpose. In other words, websites you visit might know and use your approximate location data, even if you never shared your location with them intentionally.

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