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“Will I get hacked if someone knows my IP?”

If your computers and devices are properly secured, you will generally be OK even if a hacker knows your IP address.

On the other hand, if your computers are not up-to-date with security fixes, have hidden malware installed, or are configured improperly, it may be possible for a hacker to exploit those vulnerabilities.

If you have a router device that helps share your Internet connection, it is most important to ensure the router is secure. Virtually all devices connected directly to the Internet (like a home router must be) are subject to various forms of automated attack.

Not all home routers that you can buy in a store are secure. To find some examples of insecure home routers, read about the DNS Nameserver Spoofability Test (note that this is not a comprehensive list of insecure routers. Determining whether any particular router device is secure is not an easy task.)

How to properly secure your computer and devices to prevent hacker intrusion is a very complex subject, and is unfortunately beyond the scope of this FAQ question.

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